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You can choose to have an instant chat now, or, you can send offline messages about your problems and wait for a reply. You can choose to speak to a professional therapist. Or, if you are not looking for therapy, you can chat to the general public for free!

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If you have personal problems and you can't talk to anyone around you, why not chat to a potato anonymously? We connect you to users who are willing to listen and offer their perspective.

Find someone who is going through the same problem as you. Make friends and build supportive relationships!

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If you are looking for professional online therapy, this is for you. Our focus is to make sure that you find therapy affordable, safe, and reliable

If you take care of your mental health, you will find that your quality of life improves.

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You are not alone Once you start feeling loneliness, it's time to take action. If you feel scared, lost, alone... know that you can utilise the internet to connect with other people

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