How to Chat to a Potato?


Do you need someone to talk to? Or do you want to be a helper and listen to other people vent about their life problems.

Sign up for free and tell us if you 'Want to Help Others', or if you 'Need Help'. Connect to good people all around the world!

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Live Chat or Scheduled Chat

Once you log in, you will be able to see all online users and you can start a live chat with them.

If there are no online users that you want to connect to, you can browse all other users and select the person you want to connect to. Next, click on “Schedule Free Chat” and set an agreed date/time to have a live chat with them.

Make friends online and build supportive relationships!

Take care of your Mental Health

Our mission is: A world where everyone will always have someone to talk to.

Our focus is to connect people who need help, to people who can help.

If you have personal problems and can’t talk to anyone around you, why not Chat to a Potato anonymously? We connect you to users who are willing to listen and offer their perspective.

If you are good at helping others, join us as a Helper and start chatting to people all around the world! Let’s connect the world and make it a better place!

You are not alone Once you start feeling loneliness, it's time to take action. If you feel scared, lost, alone... know that you can utilise the internet to connect with other people

Reach out for help. Have the desire to want to feel better!