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We are an instant chat website
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Customize your search to finds users who can understand
you best and support you in attaining happiness.

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get advice from people who have been through it

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You can connect to someone online, have a heart-to-heart talk, vent your frustrations, and ask for advice. All this for free!
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real people, real experience

Be helped by real people who have overcome similar issues, or help others by sharing what you have experienced.
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specific search

Our search tool allows you to customise and connect yourself to the best possible match. We do this to make sure that you speak to someone relevant.
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Are you sometimes afraid of being yourself due to fear of judgement? Chat to a Potato allows you to be completely anonymous, completely honest, and completely yourself.
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convenient, instant & safe

We want you to be comfortable and experience the efficiency of attaining psychological wellness through online chatting. By strongly upholding our ethics on confidentiality, we will protect you and create a safe environment.
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25 topics

Through research, we have gathered the most common life issues that people face everyday. Chat to a Potato currently focuses on 25 topics, ranging from Depression to Relationship problems.
you're in
..good hands!!
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