Frequently Asked Questions

We connect users to similar life issues- specifically in 25 topics!

Using our Criteria Search Tool, you can find someone to have a one-to-one instant chat with. This is done anonymously, free of charge, and you may even delete your entire chat history once you are done. 

Chat to a Potato is a safe platform that allows you to express yourself and receive support from people who understand. 

You are valuable! Countless users could benefit just by hearing your experiences and advice. Simply enter a Topic and select the “I’m a helper” option. Your profile will indicate that you are active and ready to help!

If you are faced with a problem, sometimes talking to a stranger can be very therapeutic. In our vast universe, there is always someone who might know more than you do, or have a fresh perspective. Simply enter a Topic and chat with a Helper. Utilise our Criteria Search Tool to find someone that you think can understand you best.

Immediately click the “Report user” button and indicate as a suicide threat.

Chat to a Potato’s Safety Team will send the user an email with information on suicide prevention helplines in their country of residence, as well as provide links to encourage getting professional help. 

If possible, you may want to encourage the user to visit and contact a helpline immediately.

We do not tolerate trolling and we understand that this could potentially destroy our website’s usefulness. Hence, it is our utmost goal to make Chat to a Potato a purposeful community with sincere users only.

If you come across a troll, click the “Report user” button.  Once you have successfully reported the user, end the chat immediately and do not respond any further.

Chat to a Potato’s Troll Team will identify the user and terminate their account permanently.